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We don't know how we missed the fact that Julian Assange has a 20-year-old son, Daniel, living in Australia. Of course, there has been a lot to keep track of in Assange news of late. We recently browsed through Daniel Assange's public Twitter profile to see what--if anything--he had to say about the controversies surrounding his famous father. Daniel Assange, it turns out, has put up a couple observations about the elder Assange, celebrated the granting of bail, and talked about what it's like to be at a WikiLeaks-related rally seeing your family name up on a sign. He also, of course, tosses in tweets about his day, like any other Twitter user. A sampling of some of the more revelatory posts:

Father declared me a sociopath, mother thinks I'm a monster and this romantic situation is oh-so-very-uncomfortable. #TweetYour16YearOldSelfless than a minute ago via Chromed Bird

Went past the Free Assange rally today on my way to UoM. Didn't stay long for fear of being recognised, but still a very surreal experience.less than a minute ago via web

Not necessarily unpleasant, mind, it's just somewhat odd to view crowds brandishing signs inscribed with the names of one's family members.less than a minute ago via web

Something I wrote about my father in 2006. Seems a rather trite understatement now.less than a minute ago via web

"I think he just has a tendency to follow the path of highest resistance, simply for the sake of defiance."less than a minute ago via web

They got ages wrong again too. Father and mother were 18 & 17 respectively at time of my birth. Can't you people do arithmetic?less than a minute ago via web

Bail granted! Under some rather harsh conditions, of course, but still good news. #wikileaksless than a minute ago via web

Gah, I've accomplished nothing this weekend. Played a tiny bit of Pokémon Ranger and spent the rest reading about #cablegate. x.xless than a minute ago via web

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