Hot Jew-on-Jew Action, Israeli TV Division

I believe that my friend David Ben-Gregory, who already runs a great show, should have more screaming Israelis as guests -- less Dick Durbin, more neurotic Semites. Keep in mind, as you watch this clip below (good Hebrew isn't really necessary, you'll get the point, believe me) that both Ari Shavit, the man in black, and Gideon Levy, the guy in the orange Viet Cong pajamas, work for the same newspaper, Ha'aretz. And people think it's improbable that Andrew Sullivan and I share a magazine!

What they're fighting about, by the way, is the future of the State of Israel. Ari (who is a friend of Goldblog) and Gideon (who is not) have very different ideas about the future of the Jewish state. Gideon pretty much doesn't want the Jewish state to have a future. Have a look: