'Every Time I Try to Get Out....' (updated)

... there turns out to be another panda complication to pull me back in. This one I have to respect, because it's a panda-man .... in the China Daily. From today's news:


As is so often the case, it is impossible to improve on the China Daily's own description:

>>A man dressed in a panda costume rides an electric bike on a street of Ningbo, East China's Zhejiang province, Dec 16, 2010. The man, surnamed Wen, said he bought the costume for a shopping mall's promotional activity last year. Now he wears the panda uniform to keep out the cold, despite the looks he gets from passers-by. [Photo/Southeast Business Newspaper]<<
Can anyone still doubt that this is the world's greatest newspaper? (Thanks to N.J.)

UPDATES: Bill Bishop reports that one of his Chinese neighbors, in Beijing, has dyed the family dog panda-style, as shown below. Also, Eric Bonabeau, who steered me toward the ominous-panda generator mentioned earlier, points out that it was inspired by Hi Panda.