Contest: Best Wikileaks Quote

Reader Ben Huang of Pasadena suggests a contest for best found-art in the Wikileaks info dump. (No, I'm not trivializing larger debates about Wikileaks; just letting them be fully debated elsewhere for the moment.). He writes with this presumptive-winner nominee:

18. (S) The U.S.-China relationship was of crucial importance, said [Chinese diplomat] Dai. China would do its best to cooperate with the United States wherever possible. "If we expand the pie for the common interest, the pie will be larger and more delicious." Together, the two sides should work collaboratively for the good of the world, especially since the two countries were "passengers in the same boat." Dai urged careful management of the relationship and respect for each other's core interests and concerns.

Huang adds:

>>Only a Chinese diplomat (okay, maybe a French one too) would use a culinary metaphor to express superpower cooperation!  The question is, who will eat the pie?<<

This seems hard to beat, but (a) I'm biased, with a fondness for this kind of Chinese-officialese, and (b) I haven't looked at the rest. If you think you can top this, let me know.