What Should Vladimir Putin Name His Puppy?

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Vladimir Putin has a new puppy. That is adorable. Less adorable is the fact the dog--a twelve-week-old Bulgarian Karakachan--does not yet have a name. (He had a name--Yorgo--but Putin discarded it for unknown and possibly hilarious reasons.) Now the prime minister is asking his countrymen to submit possible names for the prized pup to the nation's official website. This too is adorable, although less so than the Reuters report that Putin--upon being presented with the fuzzy European mammal by Bulgarian Prime Minister Boris Borisov--"snuggled the fluffy, floppy-eared puppy of three months before gently planting a kiss on his snout."

Since the website is only available in Russian, feel free to post your own suggestions in our comments section. We like Bingo. Bingo Putin.

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