Mr. Zhang Builds a Hotel

This video has already gotten some attention in internet-land. But I feel entitled to mention it myself, since it has to do with the Broad corporation (远大) of Changsha, Hunan Province, which I wrote about several years ago in the magazine ("Mr. Zhang Builds His Dream Town"). Under its founder and CEO, Zhang Yue, Broad has been very ambitious in environmental and other advanced-tech projects. This video shows how it built a hotel near "Broad Town," in Changsha, this summer in less than 48 hours of total construction time.

No larger point here, but interesting. Unless the larger point is, once again, things really, truly can happen very fast in China.

Update: Thanks to Adam Minter for the reminder of a similar video, very popular in China, showing how Broad put up its Shanghai Expo building in 24 hours. It's here.