Morning Vid: Bush's 'Sinking Feeling' After Not Finding WMDs

The ex-decider "felt terrible" about the ordeal

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After numerous brushes with Kanye West and an entertaining scuffle with Bill O'Reilly, the George Bush "Decision Points" media tour soldiered on to CNN. In a lengthy interview with Cindy Crowley the ex-decider took a moment to discuss the "evolution" of his understanding that weapons of mass destruction weren't found in Iraq.

"When we first got in there and started looking around, didn't find anything, you get that kind of sinking feeling" he remarked, recalling that tips started rushing in about buried crates in the Euphrates river that also turned out to be false. "And yes. I felt terrible about it," he conceded to Crowley. That didn't stop the ex-president from repeating his case that Saddam "had the capacity to make weapons...I'm convinced that if he were in power today, the world would be a lot worse off."

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