Libyan Nukes Scoop (plus TSA Update)

About an hour ago Max Fisher, of the Atlantic, published a genuine scoop about a US-Russian-Libyan showdown over "loose nukes" one year ago. I am emerging from previously announced Thanksgiving Weekend web-site sabbatical (in order to do "real" writing) to say, This is very much worth reading.

And of course its larger point has to do with the ongoing threat to everyone of, as Fisher's inside source put it,  "loose nuclear materials under the control of unpredictable regimes in unstable countries." More on that topic here and here. Congrats to Fisher on this story.

UPDATE: I have sworn off this for a while, but the YouTube video that Megan McArdle has just highlighted on her site, showing a young mother's detention at a TSA checkpoint in Phoenix, is almost literally incredible. When I get my long-awaited chance to meet with the TSA's Blogger Bob, I will look forward to hearing his thoughts on this one -- which happened early this year, before the new "enhanced" procedures.