Israel Punks Iran with Star of David on Tehran Airport

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The intense and deadly serious antagonism between Israel and Iran may or may not have included a sophisticated computer virus, attacks on Iranian nuclear scientists, and even perhaps the threat of an Israeli air strike against Iran. None of these has been confirmed as executed by Israel. But there is one instance of a surprise Israeli attack on Iran that we can now verify for sure. And, unlike the other possible conflicts, it is hilarious. Al Arabiya reports this great geopolitical prank:

A satellite image of Tehran airport taken by Google Earth service outraged Iranian government officials as the Star of David appeared on the roof of the headquarters of the national carrier Iran Air.

... As speculations rose about the presence of the Zionist symbol in the Islamic republic that has severed all ties with Israel since the 1979 revolution, Iranian media explained that the Iran Air building was, in fact, constructed by Israeli engineers during the time of Shah Mohamed Reza Pahlavi.

Take that, Iran! The odd incident is a jarring reminder that Israel and pre-revolutionary Iran were not so hostile. Al Arabiya adds, "Not only did the government of the Shah hire Israeli engineers to build the headquarters of the national airliner, but starting 1960 regular flights were scheduled between Tehran’s Mehrabad International Airport and Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport."

It's possibly nothing more than a coincidence, a mere trick of the eye, that makes it appear that Israeli engineers placed their country's symbol on top of the Iranian airport. But it seems unlikely that either boastful Israeli media or outrage Iranian media will take this possibility seriously.

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