Brits: We Had a Very Pretty Autumn, Too!

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Over here, we tend to think of the Northeast's fall as the gold standard for color. But apparently 2010 brought bright autumnal scenes to the U.K. as well, and The Guardian editorial board is so pleased it's dedicated an entire editorial to recording the fact. An excerpt:

The BBC's Justin Webb, still adjusting to his return to this country from the US, was overwhelmed the other day by the sight of a New England vista in old England--"the whole marvellous copper-tinged, yellow-flecked gorgeousness laid out before us, with the city of Bath thrown in for good measure". Yet we in Britain do not seem to be alone. From Kashmir to Connemara, the northern hemisphere has enjoyed a symphony of autumn foliage that most people, and certainly proud New Englanders, tend to think is unique to a north American fall. David Cameron, with images of a superb arboreal season in his Cotswolds constituency in his mind's eye, arrives today in a China, whose beech, gingko, persimmon, smoke trees, torch trees and dogwood are almost as proudly red and gold right now as the national flag. The fallen leaves need sweeping up now, but this has been an autumn to bring shafts of joy to the glummest soul.

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