Andrew's Idle Threats

In the course of agreeing with Goldblog on the matter of Pamela Geller, Andrew writes:

And no, I have not yet gotten around to addressing Jeffrey's latest pirouettes on the peace process or even his case for Israel launching World War Three, against the wishes of the US and eery other Western ally. But I will. And it won't be pretty. Civil, as befits a colleague I respect and a man I care about, but not pretty.

Threaten, threaten. Please, Andrew, do write it already. I look forward to reading about my case for Israel launching World War Three. First I probably should actually read my case for Israel launching World War Three. Come to think of it, perhaps I should write it before I read it. If he's referring to my recent cover story on the chance of an Israeli attack on Iran -- you know, the one praised by the notorious neoconservative warmongers Joe Klein, Steve Clemons and Fred Kaplan -- then I think he's mischaracterizing the story, its author, and its editors.

And mazel tov on 10 years of blogging, by the way.