The 'New Hitler' Will Be Visiting Israel's Border Soon. What Will Bibi Do?

From Aluf Benn, a very smart and interesting column, worth reading in full:

Three weeks from now, Netanyahu will have a one-time opportunity to stop the new Hitler and thwart the incitement to genocide. Ahmadinejad will pay his first visit to Lebanon and devote an entire day to a tour of the southern part of that country. He will visit sites where Hezbollah waged battles against Israel and, according to one report, he will also pop over to Fatima Gate, just beyond the border fence at Metula. The route is known, the range is close and it is possible to send a detail across the border to seize the president of Iran and bring him to trial in Israel as an inciter to genocide and Holocaust denier.

The media effect will be dramatic: Ahmadinejad in a glass cage in Jerusalem, with the simultaneous translation earphones, facing grim Israeli judges. In the spirit of the times, it will also be possible to have foreign observers join them (David Trimble of the Turkel commission was a leader of the "try the Iranian president" initiative ).

The chances of this happening, as Benn points out, are slim to none, but it does raise the question: If Ahmadinejad is, in fact, Hitler (which I don't think, by the way, because, among other reasons, only Hitler was Hitler), then there's no price too high to pay to stop him.