Why China Daily Is Facing Competition as My Favorite Newspaper

GlobalTimes.pngNew(ish) kid on the block: Global Times. Like China Daily (reigning champion) it is government-guided. Also like China Daily, it's designed to present China's case to the world in a language more of the outside world can understand. The Chinese-language original of Global Times, Huanqiu Shibao , is known for a no-nonsense nationalist stance. The English version has... a different attitude. For instance, a current "news in pictures" feature, which for various reasons I can't quite imagine in the NYT or the FT. By the way, I have chosen the tamest items from this feature, which I'm sure will deter others from checking to see what I left out:


A detail I love is that the feature originated with Xinhua, the state-controlled news agency, which, as has been widely publicized, is trying to expand its readership worldwide.

First surpassing Japan in economic output; now challenging Western supermodels' dominance. It never ends.
Update: There's even more in the GT today: