While I'm in the Cheesecake Chinese Pop Culture Mode

Bear with me here. Previously in the cheesecake series, we had Global Times' latest attempt to see how China measures up with dominant Western powers. Now the photographer Han Jun Wei, 韓軍,偉 has a series of composed photos illustrating the difficult choices the stylish young Chinese women of today face in deciding on a life partner. Or even deciding whom to date.

An opening tableau, introducing all characters from the series, includes only one woman, who is stylish and stylized beyond the point of caricature, a kind of Chinese Barbie. But the male types illustrated there and in subsequent photos in the series are highly recognizable. I think I've seen the guy on the right, with the undershirt and the hand full of meat skewers, at least once per day in China. Since this is mildly racy, I'll tactfully put it after the jump.


More pictures and fuller explanation from Little Red Book, Buzz and the City, and Han Jun Wei's site. Larger theme, which I've mentioned maybe a billion times before: one more way of suggesting how vividly, and often comically, the sorts and conditions and personalities of today's billion-plus Chinese public vary. Impossible to ignore when you're in the country, sometimes hard to remember if you're not there. Worth bearing in mind when you hear the next news report about the ever-gathering power of the supposedly monolithic new Chinese superstate. It's full of people (more or less) like this.