Welcome Damien Ma

The Atlantic's roster of online Correspondents is ever-expanding and -improving. If I noted each interesting post in that space, that is all I'd ever do. Two recent illustrations: here and here.

So instead I'll give a general recommendation to check the Correspondent section frequently -- and a specific welcome to the newest member of our team, Damien Ma of the Eurasia Group. He will mainly be covering environmental news out of China, which is arguably the very most important category of news for China's own future prospects and for its impact on the rest of the world. He starts with two dispatches, one examining whether a recent spate of quasi-disasters for China might mark a real change in popular and governmental attitudes toward environmental limits, and another on recent Chinese innovations. I look forward to seeing more.

For just a few of the other valuable China/enviroment sites: China Environmental Law, China Green from the Asia Society, China Dialogue, China Environment Forum, US China Clean Energy Forum, JUCCCE, Green Leap Forward, and... if I don't stop now, I'll have to list another 50. Damien Ma is a worthy addition to this cadre.