Kanye West Raps Against Attacking Iran

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The Atlantic may have formally concluded its online debate over whether Israel and/or the U.S. should bomb Iran, but hip-hop star Kanye West is belatedly weighing in. In the just-released remix to his hit song Power, Kanye, backed by Jay-Z, comes out against military action in Iran (and North Korea). The audio is here. Here's the relevant verse:

Now everything I'm rhyming on cause of Ramadan
Been a don prayin' for the families lost in the storm
Bring our troops back from Iraq, keep our troops out of Iran
So the next couple bars ima drop 'em in Islam
They say as-salaam alaikum say wa alaikum as-salaam
That's no Oscar Meyer bacon you should run and tell your mom
Now the question is how we goin' stop the next Vietnam
Keep flex out of Korea cause you know we drop bombs

It's difficult to know for sure whether Kanye was responding to the latest round of bomb-Iran debate spurred by Jeffrey Goldberg's cover story in the new Atlantic. If nothing else, one thing that the rapper and Goldberg share is their celebrated work in the New Yorker magazine.

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