When Jew-Baiters Go Wild

I can't help it; I love it when Stephen Walt gets all defensive. You'd think, given his chosen career, that he would develop a thicker skin. Stephen Walt's essential problem, I think, is self-awareness; he knows history will remember him as a modern-day Father Coughlin. That's the strong feeling about Walt at Harvard, for what it's worth.

In other news from the tiny camp of tenured foreign-policy-realists-who-nevertheless-moralize-obsessively-about-the-sins-the-Jews, Walt's co-pamphleteer, John Mearsheimer, recently appeared in performance with two anti-Israel Jews to demand that Israel give up its nuclear arsenal. Mearsheimer has argued against the denuclearization of India, and of Europe, but obviously, the Jewish state should be stripped of its nuclear shield. According to Judeosphere, Mearsheimer got unusually weird toward the end of his talk, imagining his own martyrdom at the hands of perfidious Semites:

"The Israelis can do almost anything and get away with it....If I went to the Middle East, and visited Israel, and I was killed, somebody shot me, do you think there would be any accountability? Seriously. If any of you went to the Middle East and were killed, do you think there would be accountability? There wouldn't be. This is how outrageous this situation is. Just think about the [USS] Liberty, think about Rachel Corrie, think about this Turkish-American who was just killed on the flotilla.

The lobby believes it can finesse any issue. They've never seen an issue that they can't finesse.....America's interests and Israel's interests are going to continue to diverge. And the end result of that, back here in the United States, is that the lobby is going to have to work overtime to cover that up and make it look like everything is hunky-dory when in fact it's not."

As Judeosphere points out, "Yes, he's now fantasizing that the Israelis would shoot him and the Lobby would cover it up. Paranoid narcissism, thy name is Mearsheimer."