Taiwan Produces Pixar-Like Video of Taliban Jihad Monkeys

Convinced yet?

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Communist party-run propaganda outlet People's Daily finally has an ally to support its thoroughly debunked claim that the Taliban is training monkeys for war against the U.S. and NATO. The newspaper last week "reported" that the Taliban had taught monkeys to use AK-47s against American troops, which the story claimed would also "arouse Western animal protectionists to pressure their governments to withdraw troops from Afghanistan."

A NATO spokesperson responded, "We have absolutely nothing that leads us to believe that this tale could be even remotely based in reality." Then how do you explain this video, NATO? Produced by Taiwanese news service NMA News, this digital imagining of the Taliban jihad monkeys should convince even the greatest skeptic:

If the creepy digital cartoons look familiar, that's because NMA News produced similar videos recreating Tiger Woods' car crash and Al Gore's alleged massage gone wrong.

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