Happy Hour Vid: Primary Challenge to Obama over Afghanistan?

Pennsylvania Governor Rendell says an anti-war Democratic candidate is "possible"

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The WikiLeaks documents have brought liberal ambivalence on Afghanistan back into the limelight. Here, in what The Huffington Post's Sam Stein calls an "overlooked ... segment" of Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell's appearance on Morning Joe, the Democrat appears to be issuing President Obama a warning: if the president doesn't start withdrawing troops soon, he might face an anti-war challenge in the Democratic primary in 2012. Specifically, in response to a question from Pat Buchanan about an anti-war candidate, Rendell says this:

It's possible, Pat. It really depends on how far it deteriorates ... But if we start to begin to reduce our presence, I think that's probably enough to keep an anti-war candidate out of the race."

Have a look at the segment Stein dug up from Tuesday:

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