From Stephen Walt's Mailbag

Lee Smith's story in Tablet this week concerning the comments sections of Jew-baiting blogs like the one hosted by Stephen Walt brought Smith some criticism, including some justified criticism. I tend to think that when you're accusing someone of Jew-hatred, you should spend some time amassing the evidence. And I prefer to focus on the attempts of the bloggers themselves, rather than their camp followers, to marginalize and demonize Jews. On the other hand, though, I was quoted in the piece arguing that these blogs do, in fact, help bring to the surface all kinds of ugly commentary, and I do tend to think that there is a link between the quality of the blog and the quality of those who read the blog.

As a case in point, yesterday, Walt got a little bit weepy on his blog about how I'm so unfair to him, and sure enough, within hours, my e-mail inbox was filled with anti-Semitic invective, much of it referencing Walt. I get this sort of stuff all the time, and usually I don't share it with Goldblog readers, but since people like Walt prefer to deny a connection between their Jew-baiting and the anti-Semitic commenters who flock to their blogs, I thought I would post a few choice e-mails. I reprint them here as I received them; far be it for me to correct the spelling of anti-Semites:

You and your psychopathic friends at tablet magazine and commentary and aipac are criminally responsible for the actions of the israeli government. if you don't like the fact that walt points this out to you over and over again, then you should change your tune and admit your war crimes against humanity.
You are a chickenshit Zionist who oppreses palestinian children in your torture prison. It must drive you crazy to know that people out there like stephen walt have your number. your manipulation of congress and the media is coming to an end. the crimes of the zionist regime are now so big that you cant hide them anymore with your media control.
We're tired of your warmongering ideology. Go apologize to the people of Iraq and Palestine.
Boycott Israel now!
You write that Walt is not respected at Harvard. Well, guess what shitbrain, you're not respected at Harvard. the universities are where the Zionist racists are going to be run out of first.  Then its congress's turn. Do you think congress really likes you people? they don't, they're just scared of you. But your time will come.
Fuck you, Zionist pig fuckface douche-bag
Hey fucktard Jew, go back to Israel!
You're a fool and an asshole. Mearsheimer and Walt have it right. Theyve got your number -- goldfarb, goldberg, goldberg (get the pattern, yet, you douchbebag) friedman at the jew york times all of you
Youre Goebbels of the Jews.
People like Walt and Goldstone know what you are, child-murdering Nazi scum. So you're mad at Walt. So what?
You and the new republic are always talking about antisemites. Well, Arabs are Semites, asshole!!!!
Running scared goldberg because finally people like walt and mersheimer and jimmy carter, a president, have your number. fifth colunnists is what you are and your scum , like your brother jonah goldberg
I'm a goy so I'm sure you wont listen to me when I tell you to get the fuck out of our country and go to that shithole country you stole form the arabs.
Dear Zionist Scumbag War-Monger -- Steven Walt is Right, go back to Palestine, pig, and die when justice is finally served to the Zionazis.
Fucking Jews too cowardly to step up and face those of us who know the truth about your efforts to manipulate the media

You should stay in America if you want to support america. But theres no way to support america and israel at the same time. Israel caused 9-1-1, not bcause the Mossad did it, but because you got the arabs mad at us. Maybe you should examine why so many people hate Jews. maybe not everyone is antisemitic. Mabye they just have access to the truth.
And so on.