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Those Darn Russkis

So we had a bunch of Russian spies planted as ultra secret moles in the United States in order to . . . umm, well, I still can't figure it out.  The New York Times article says "The Russian spies made contact with a former high-ranking American national security official and a nuclear weapons researcher, among others". So have I, at think tank book parties.  If the Russians are paying for that, they can put half the population of DC on their payroll, and frankly, the local economy could use the boost.

Dan Drezner calls this "the most bizarre foreign policy/international relations episode I've seen since the Sandy-Berger-let's-stuff--classified-documents-down-my-pants episode."  It strikes me as rather more bizarre--at least I could come up with plausible reasons that Berger would bother.  In fact, the only parallel I can think of is the possibly apocraphyl allegation that during the Cold War, Soviet intelligence subscribed to the Village Voice for several years . . . in an attempt to find out about rural life in America.