Morning Vid: Eliot Spitzer and Glenn Greenwald War Over Israel

You thought the Middle East was tense

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For some reason, former New York governor Eliot Spitzer is guest hosting the Dylan Ratigan show on MSNBC this week. Spitzer, discussing the Israeli flotilla raid on Tuesday, was sympathetic to Israel and defended its government's actions as within the nation's basic self-defense. But Salon's Glenn Greenwald does not cotton to Spitzer's perspective. Greenwald has intensely criticized Israel's raid, which ended in the deaths of nine activists, and the Gaza-blockade policies that helped lead to the crisis.

Neither of these men is known for being coy. Greenwald is among the most fiery pundits on the left and Spitzer made his name by cleaning up the biggest institutions of Wall Street. So when Greenwald plugged in his webcam and video chatted into Spitzer's show, they probably both saw this debate coming. Still, it's hard to understate just how heated it got. Watch for yourself:

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