Letter of the Day

From someone apparently named Hal Gruen, who is outrageously outraged because I questioned the wisdom of the political decision to launch the raid on the Turkish flotilla:

Dear Mr " Goldberg".

Never  had ever read your 'opinions " until today.Forgive me if You don't like what I am observing.It's a judgement call with only little to go by.

 First I must ask, Are you from the same Goldberg family that had the Nazi party poster boy of the " perfect" Aryan soldier? Or was there an Uncle Rube somewhere in your lineage?

 I read your  latest Atlantic drivel. You apologetic whining leftist self hating idiot-Jew,what is the matter with you ?! The reforms are  better than you and sadly they aren't recognized, what in the HELL are you doing in Jerusalem? You'd better either be with the Israelis or the moslems, you can't have both. I'm really not even buying that you're a Jew.
The funny part about it is that they actually PAY you money? Ok, i'm envious. But wow, why bad-mouth yourself and your heritage? You got the  whole world to able to do that.

 The sad part was some Israelis were injured. You know why the Jews don't have a Temple yet and are always having to battle to exist ? People like you. If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

 I liked Gordis, but since you mentioned him, i'll watch him close from now on. Makes me question him with the company he keeps.

But anyway, Opinions are like assholes.