Happy Hour Vid: Lara Logan Attacks Rolling Stone Report

Did Hastings, the embedded reporter, mislead McChrystal?

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Rolling Stone magazine's vivid profile of General Stanley McChrystal cost the general his job. Now, the magazine is coming under fire as an anonymous military official suggests Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings misled or betrayed the general while reporting the story.

CBS Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Lara Logan has now added her voice to the mix. Drawing on her experience as a journalist embedded with the military in Afghanistan, she suggests Hastings acted unethically in collecting material for the profile, misrepresenting himself to the men he was attempting to milk for quotes. Here's the video in which she makes her case. (It's already drawing some negative attention among Hastings's defenders.) Toward the end, she also weighs in on the choice of Petraeus as McChrystal's replacement.

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