Happy Hour Vid: Glenn Beck's Theory About Russian Spies and U.S. Decline

Cliffs Notes version: "We're easy game"

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On Tuesday morning the gang at Fox and Friends tackled the timely subject of 11 Russian spies getting arrested by the FBI. Now if you've been reading the Wire, you have a reasonable understanding of the risks posed by these spies. If you've been watching Fox and Friend, the analysis takes its audience to a somewhat different place:

The best aspect of this video is the unvarnished certainty with which Glenn Beck expresses his opinion. As co-host Steve Doocy introduces the topic, it's almost as if Beck had known about the Russian spies' whereabouts for months. "What did I say? ...Yep. This is the small story, I'm telling you," Beck begins:
I've heard from the Special Forces...those people who we send in when a regime is about to topple and help push it, they're here....We have operatives from all over the world, because we're easy game. We're weak.

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