German Invention Blocks Vuvuzelas on TV

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Everyone hates vuzuzelas, the plastic trumpet that has become so ubiquitous at World Cup matches that it's drawn international outrage. The endless drone has, in the opinion of many viewers, become an infuriating and inescapable presence at World Cup matches and their global TV broadcasts. German inventor and programmer Tobias Herre has a solution.

Herre has devised a way to filter the audio from World Cup through his computer and, using software he says should be cheaply available to any Mac user, drastically reduce the annoying vuvuzela sound. Herre says that he stumbled onto the idea for his "Vuvuzela-killer" when he realized that all vuvuzelas buzz at about the same frequency: B flat, vibrating at 233 Hertz. His explanation from there of how the "vuvuzela-killer" works is a bit unclear--partly because it was Google-translated out of German, partly because your Atlantic Wire associate editor finds technology confusing--but Herre posts "before and after" audio samples and there is no denying his trick works.

Read his full description and hear the audio samples here. The English translation is here. Via The Daily What.

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