Born Too Soon, Chapter 2,313

In the late 1980s, my family lived in a suburb 40 minutes from Tokyo on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi commuter line. It had many charms, but the beer available there (often from streetside vending machines -- I'd send my kids out to buy it) was .... Asian beer.

Now, in this same town, right by the railway station, where there used to be a KFC:

Thumbnail image for IMG_8764A.jpg

OK, not a full-out brewpub. And there don't seem to be any more of the outdoor beer-vending machines. But still, a restaurant in suburban Japan advertising and serving Fire Rock, Longboard, and other Kona Brewing Company products. Kona's Japanese site here. Jeesh! Previously on improvement in the beer life of Japan, here. More on other changes in Japan since that era forthcoming in the magazine. I won't have space for this change, so wanted to note it online.