Quote of the Day: Qaddafi Calls for Switzerland 'To Be Dissolved as a State'

The Libyan leader also has some choice words on assisted suicide

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Qaddafi: "Money is laundered on a grand scale in Switzerland. Anyone who robs a bank later invests the money in Switzerland. ... And a large number of owners of such secret accounts have died under mysterious circumstances."

SPIEGEL: And you are seriously maintaining that Switzerland as a state ordered the killing of these people?

Qaddafi: "The investigations will show this. And this brings me back once again to the phenomenon of assisted suicide. A large number of people have been deliberately eliminated under this pretext. Switzerland maintains that these individuals expressed the desire to take their lives. But in reality it was done to get at their money. More than 7,000 people have died like this. I am thus calling for Switzerland to be dissolved as a state. The French part should go to France, the Italian part to Italy and the German part to Germany."

--Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi in an extensive interview with German magazine Der Spiegel

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