Hussein Ibish: Mearsheimer is the Kevorkian of Palestine

Hussein makes a number of crucial points about the impact of Mearsheimer's recommendations on the people he ostensibly wants to help, although I don't think he understands Mearsheimer's true motivation (more on that in a second):

Insofar as they are aimed at Palestinians, (Mearsheimer's) conclusions are absolutely pernicious. They play into their most traditional and damaging fantasy: the idea that Palestinian numbers and presence on the land will, sooner or later, negate the Zionist project and deliver power into Palestinian hands in the whole of historical Palestine. This was a deep-seated belief since at least the 20s, and in every phase of Palestinian political life since then, and it remains a potent article of faith among Palestinians even today. This misapprehension, proven wrong time and again in practice, has been a key element in the steady accumulation of defeats, setbacks and miscalculations that have delivered the Palestinian national project to its present woeful state. I'm not sure I can imagine, short of a jihadist rant, a worse or more damaging message to a Palestinian audience than Mearsheimer's conclusion:
"In sum, there are great dangers ahead for the Palestinians, who will continue to suffer terribly at the hands of the Israelis for some years to come. But it does look like the Palestinians will eventually get their own state, mainly because Israel seems bent on self-destruction."

What Hussein doesn't seem to understand is that John Mearsheimer is completely uninterested in the fate of the Palestinians. What arouses Mearsheimer, as a sufferer of Jew-On-The-Brain Syndrome, is Semitical perfidiousness. If the Palestinians had a different adversary, John Mearsheimer would be completely uninterested in their fate.