Jews for Palin (Part II)

Over at TPM, I read the following, from an interview with Binyamin Korn, the founder of "Jews for Palin," who claims it is possible to make Sarah Palin popular with American Jews:

He dismisses those, including the Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg, who have been spooked by Palin's use of rhetoric that hints at a belief in a "regathering" of Jews in Israel preceding the return of Jesus Christ and Jews' "conversion to Christianity and their mass death in the battle of Armageddon." (See video below.)

Said Korn: "Jeffrey Goldberg can write what he wants ... but if a person is going to be fair about this, and you want to raise questions about the religious motivations of a politician let us start with the 44th president," he said, referring to the controversy surrounding President Obama and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

"I'm not even talking about any Muslim implications here, but given his policies, you wonder," Korn added. "I accept at face value that he's a Christian, but then why do you bow to the king of Saudi Arabia?"

Barack Obama once wrapped his arms around Shimon Peres. Does that make our president an 86-year-old Polish Jew?