"Israelis Don't Want to Leave the West Bank"

A Goldblog reader writes:

In your recent post on AIPAC, you wrote this: "and most American Jews understand the difference between the legitimate security needs of the State of Israel and the theological, political and economic needs of the small minority of Israelis who have settled the West Bank."
Meretz only got 4 seats in the last election. Many supporters of Labor do not want to leave the West Bank. The same goes for many of Livni's backers. The problem is not the Jews in the West Bank; it is the reluctance of the Arabs to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, and the obtuseness of the Western "thinkers" such as yourself who do not realize that the problem is not a political one of borders, etc; that ship has sailed a number of times. especially when Olmert offered everything they wanted. The "Palestinians" represent the Arab nation, which for RELIGIOUS reasons, will never recognize a Jewish entity in the midst of what they consider their sphere of influence. Wake up!!