Why I Love Blogging, Part 35

I'm trying, as you Goldblog readers know, to strike some sort of reasonable balance on all these questions related to Israel, American foreign policy, Palestinian intentions, the threat from Iran, Andrew Sullivan, etc.

And this is the e-mail thanks I get. There are a lot more where this one came from:

When Olmert was desperately attempting to appease every Palestinian demand, you anti-"Zionists" were just as condemnatory.

Since the best example you can find demonstrating newfound American hostility towards Israel is Andrew "Sarah Is Not Trig's Mother" Sullivan, yours is a premise unsupported by facts.

In any event, you are a sophist who knows that the only solution acceptable to Palestinians is the Final Solution.

It is embarrassing that you use a Jewish surname as camouflage for your pathological hostility towards Hebrews.

How much would it take for you to change your last name to "Goebbels"?