Insufferable Journalist Watch

Via Romenesko, a confession from one Dann Gire, a Chicago film writer:

In 1982, I vowed I would never interview Harrison Ford again.

That vow stood for 28 years.

Every time the Chicago-born actor returned to the Windy City to promote his latest movie, I made sure my schedule was too full to accommodate him. I slyly pawned Ford off on other willing Daily Herald writers, such as Joel Reese.

In 2002, Reese wrote one of the best and most honest accounts of meeting the man who created Han Solo and Indiana Jones.

Reese dubbed the half-hour he and other local reporters spent with Ford at Chicago's Ritz Carlton Hotel "30 minutes of torture" as the surly star dodged questions and seethed contempt for the writers there to help publicize his submarine movie "K-19: The Widowmaker."

So why, after nearly three decades of Fordian abstinence, why was I here sitting opposite him in a room at Chicago's Four Seasons Hotel?

I guess I wanted an answer. A reason. Some closure.

It gets even better.