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Yesterday we covered domestic reaction to Hillary Clinton's speech on Internet freedom, not-so-subtly aimed at China. But, as you might expect, the perspective from across the Pacific is a bit different--particularly in China's Communist Party-owned newspaper, China Daily. Though Clinton came down hard on censorship and cyber-attacks--unsurprising given recent public support for Google in its censorship-hacking spat with the Chinese government--the state-run China Daily publishes a rebuttal today.

The Internet, argues the editorial, is an American invention, is in American control, and has been used by the United States for intelligence and military purposes. The theme appears to be one similar to that articulated by Yu Wanli of Peking University, quoted by Liu Dong in another Chinese daily, the Global Times: "Clinton's so-called Internet freedom is a freedom that is dominated by the US ... the US can define the freedom of the Internet. How can Clinton guarantee you a freedom if her country has the power to unplug you?" Or, as the China Daily headline states, "Internet--new shot in the arm for US hegemony."

That's not to say all Chinese responses to Clinton are refutations. Chinese cartoonist Guaiguai has also posted a pictoral response on his blog, BlogTD, photoshopping Sec. Clinton's head into Eugène Delacroix's famous painting, Liberty Leading the People:

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