C-Span Viewers React to Anti-Semitism Controversy

C-Span's core morning audience -- or at least, those members of its core morning audience who don't like Jews very much -- has been making its views known to me via e-mail. As you know, I've been trying to get C-Span's programming chief, Terry Murphy, to explain to me his network's policy on anti-Semitic and racist callers, but Murphy apparently doesn't like talking to the press.

I'll post some of these letters as they come in. Here's an amusing one:

Mr Goldberg,
I know thinking outside your shallow, Zionist ideologies and prejudices may at times be quite difficult for you but I urge you to try in the instance of you challenging C-SPAN. It's quite uncouth for you to peddle such vitriolic "journalism" against such a shining flagship for open and free media for and by the people of AMERICA (not Israel). Essentially I just want to let you know I find your condemnation of the freedom of C-SPAN to be quite disgusting. I guess you and your kind won't rest until ALL of television is pro-Israel, Zionist controlled, ADL garbage. Too bad  you guys couldn't just settle for 99%. Why don't you start writing pissy, poorly written articles every time the Arab world and the Islamic world are bastardized in the media? Oh wait. I know; it's because you are a mean, racist, Zionist Jew who turns his head to the same injustices of groups other than your own. Besides your miniscule readership of flaming Zionists, I'm afraid not many are caring for or about what you say.

Although, I am a Goy with opposing perspectives from your own I hope you are able to avoid forwarding my contact information to Zionist monitoring networks/agencies as well as distributing my comments to third parties. Thanks.

You gotta love that "thanks." Unfortunately for this correspondent, the famed secret network of Jew-satellites has already scooped up this e-mail, and it is now being processed by our monitoring networks/agencies.