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'We Will Still Punch You in the Face'

The "Overlords" love punching hippies in Copenhagen

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AUTHOR: Natasha Chart at Open Left

SUMMARY: Chart very reasonably takes exception to the way peaceful protesters were manhandled by police in Copenhagen

FORM OF EXPRESSING ABOVE POINT: A satirical letter addressed to activists, signed "Your Overlords"

DEFINITION OF 'A DIRTY F*ING HIPPIE': Anyone still reading after the opening "Dear Activist"


ALSO: "We will still punch you in the face"

CHART'S CONCLUSION, BREAKING OUT OF THE 'OVERLORD' CHARACTER: Protesters were arrested for being "too unsightly"


Are you wearing a suit? Doesn't matter. Have you been working peacefully and professionally towards your goals? So what. Are you a law-abiding citizen who's trying to engage in a participatory democratic process with people who are making decisions about your future? Big whoop. Did you cut your hair, put on a tie, get a job? Sucker.

The governments of the world and the United Nations would like you to know that if you're too sympathetic with the oppressed, care about democracy, and value people more than money, you can go ahead and do absolutely everything right like we told you that you had ought to do.

And we will still punch you in the face.

You're welcome,
Your Overlords
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