The Role of Evangelicals in Zionism

Jay Adler writes in to say:

The reader you quote in this post offers a good Sharansky joke, but misses something fundamental in the analogy to U.S.-Russian or Egyptian relations. If Russia votes with the U.S. in the Security Council, great. If it endorses sanctions against Iran, in part because we modified the plans for a missile system in Eastern Europe, also great. But we don't let Russia voice American policy or adopt its view of our interests. If Millennialist evangelicals wish to be supportive of Israel in any number of ways, this too is great. Supporters are better than enemies. But Israel and Jews do not need to endorse an evangelical vision of the Jewish role in the world, and they don't cede formulation of Israel's policies and interests to any other parties simply because they are supporters - and certainly not Sarah Palin. This is not rocket science.