Now I'm an Anti-Zionist

Angry Goldblog readers, among them the correspondent below, don't like it when I equate the lunatic rabbis of the Samarian settlements with the lunatic sheikhs of Hezbollah:

You of all people should know the difference between Hezbollah and the settlers. The settlers are living in a place where Jews should be allowed to live, and  they have to absorb provocation after provocation from the neighboring Arabs. Hezbollah is a group supported by Iran meant to wipe out Israel. They are terrorists who have killed hundreds of Americans. Have the settlers? I think your hatred of the settlers has something to do with your ambivalence about being Jewish. You're becoming an anti-Zionist in order to make yourself look good to non-Jews. I have a message for you -- it won't work.

This Goldblog reader -- thanks for the mail! -- doesn't seem to understand two things: The extremist settlers are the anti-Zionists, doctrinally -- they are edging ever-closer to open rebellion against the government in Jerusalem -- and in effect: Their continued presence in Judea and Samaria will lead to the dissolution of Israel as a Jewish state, and to its replacement with a binational state, which most people understand will be a country ruled by Arabs with an ever-smaller Jewish minority. As for the Hezbollah analogy, all I can say is this: Read what Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Hezbollah, has to say about Jews, and then read what the rabbis of the northern settlements have to say about Arabs. The hate is the same.