Heeb Publisher: Being "Tasteless" Is Critical

Heeb's Josh Neuman, in an interview with the Jewish Journal, responds to my description of the magazine as "tasteless."

Jewish Journal: Do you care when respected writers like Jeffrey Goldberg from The Atlantic refer to Heeb as "tasteless"?
Josh Neuman: I don't want to lecture Jeffrey Goldberg, but the Western canon has lots of tastelessness in it. Tastelessness is as critical to the Western canon as anything. The spread was about the Holocaust becoming domesticated -- taking an image of a domestic woman who self-consciously pillories or satirizes and using her to tell a story about what was happening in the larger culture with depictions of the Holocaust. They're kind of everywhere. Every frickin' week on 'Curb [Your Enthusiasm]' you've got some new Holocaust subplot.

At least they called me "respected." In re: tastelessness: Judge for yourselves.