Gawker Doesn't Like the Orrin Hatch Hanukkah Song

I suppose it would be news if Gawker did like something:

According to the Times, Hatch wrote the song at the request of Atlantic writer Jeffery Goldberg, as a gift to the Jews. So we blame you, Jeffery, for ruining an already kind of lame holiday (as every Jew knows, Passover is where it is really at.) Though it doesn't show, Hatch is apparently a prolific songwriter, penning such patriotic classics as "Heal Our Land," which was performed at Bush's 2005 inauguration. Which, OK, they deserved it.

It's "Jeffrey," by the way. And I find the Hatch song extremely catchy, if not as catchy as the love song Hatch wrote for Ted Kennedy and his wife (no shit, look it up). And Hanukkah is not a lame holiday at all. Someone, I forget who, called it "Armed Jews Week," which connotes the non-lameness of the holiday. Tu b'Shvat is a lame holiday. Shemini Atzeret is a lame holiday. Not Hanukkah.