As Iran Erupts, Andrew Sullivan Resumes Dogged Coverage

Live analysis from leading bloggers on the outbreak of deadly protests in Iran

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Blogs can be the quickest, most flexible, and agile sources of analysis, and few bloggers show these virtues to better effect than the Atlantic's own Andrew Sullivan. When protests erupted in Iran this summer following the reportedly rigged presidential elections, Andrew Sullivan became the go-to place for Western readers to get minute-by-minute analysis, pictures, reports, and Twitter feeds from the streets.

Now that demonstrations have broken out again--with four people reported killed by security forces--Sullivan has resumed his place as a leading source of live news and analysis from Iran. From his commentary:

I just can't help but hear the confidence, the joy mixed with rage, in the voices of the people on the streets ... I also get a sense - totally subjective and maybe my own wishful thinking - that the confidence comes from a sense that they are winning this standoff, that today has rekindled into an even stronger flame, the sense that Iran's people remain sovereign in their own land, that they have not been intimidated, and that they know they will soon win.

How does the regime survive this massive demonstration of its fragility? 

For instant analysis, follow his Iran coverage on the Daily Dish. Other bloggers worth following for commentary on Iran: Robert Mackey of the New York Times, the team at IranNewsNow, and Josh Shahryar of the Daily Nite Owl.

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