Against the Trammeling of Settlements

Seth Lipsky responds to my response to his response to my comments on Sarah Palin. Got it? This is what Seth had to say:

1. Isn't your quarrel here less with Governor Palin than with the elected government of the Jewish State? I mean, all she did in the Barbara Walters interview was suggest that the elected government of Israel can make its own policies in respect of the settlements. You seem to be against what you call "untrammeled settlement." I, on the other hand, am against trammeling of settlements. But all Palin has said is that she is for such expansion of settlements that the government of Israel is prepared to allow, which isn't even untrammeled and is, on the contrary, regulated.

2. In fact I don't know whether Sarah Palin "likes us," as you put it, though if she does it seems to me illogical to hold it against her. I mean, I like you and yet I have never suggested you have to like me back. But I'd feel terrible if you held the fact that I like you against me.

3. I am relieved that you don't know whether Governor Palin "supports the whole megilla," as you put it, of the theological nature of the support for Israel of rapture-enraptured evangelicals. Given your criticism of her, I thought you'd checked that out. As for myself, I'm not sure what is to be made of her membership in a church that espouses this doctrine. I know that when President Obama was attacked during the campaign for his membership in Reverend Wright's church, the Sun cautioned against judging politicians by their clergymen.

As to your last point, I wasn't urging you to be friends with Governor Palin. I read your book "Prisoners" and gave it a friendly review on the front page of the Sun, so I'm aware of your ability to build cross-cultural friendships with persons of a different religion. So I comprehend that if you failed to reach out to her it was for a reason. I'm sure Palin won't lack for friends -- not after that Newsweek cover. I was just suggesting that even though you don't want to be friends with her, it's not logical to fault her for supporting settlement policies that have been established by an elected Knesset -- and opposition to which have reduced President Obama's popularity in Israel to a single digits.*

*I understand that Obama's popularity in among Jews in Israel runs in inverse proportion to his popularity among Jews in America, and I won't hold either poll against either one of them.