What the U.S. Military Needs is More Muslims

A Goldblog reader writes:

I read your post on Ft. Hood today, and I have a question: Are you for having more Muslims in the army, or fewer Muslims? You want the Army to recruit Muslims because of their language skills (assuming you're talking about Arab Muslims) but you think that Muslims might pose a security threat to the U.S. Which one, Goldblog? You can't have it both ways.

Yes I can! I can have it both ways. There's no contradiction here, I think. I want all sorts of Muslims (people of Arab descent, Iranian descent, Pashtun descent) in our military for all the obvious reasons, including, by the way, because the military can serve as an effective melting pot and break down barriers among different ethnic groups (as it has done so effectively for blacks and whites). But this doesn't mean that soldiers -- of all backgrounds (Timothy McVeigh comes to mind) -- shouldn't, or can't, be screened for dangerous behaviors or beliefs. Of course I want more Muslim soldiers in the American military. What I don't want is anti-American soldiers in the American military.