Berlusconi Call Girl's Revenge

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Silvio Berlusconi acknowledges publicly he's "no saint" but that may be an understatement. The Italian prime minister has yet again courted controversy with the publication of a new book by an escort girl who recounts having a sordid affair with the leader. The woman's weightiest charge comes in her description of his alleged links to Mafia bosses. Though Berlusconi's lawyer calls the accusation "baseless," he's clearly vulnerable since losing his immunity for two counts of corruption.

The book "Take Your Pleasure, Prime Minister" by Patrizia D'Addario hits store shelves Tuesday and has already been excerpted in the Times of London. In one scene, she describes a seamy gathering between the prime minister and 20 other women:

He caressed them all. The Prime Minister needs cuddles. I have seen a few things in my time but not this, twenty women for one man. At orgies there are more or less the same number of men and women, but here there was only one man with copulation rights - the Prime Minister ... He asked me to dance. We danced passionately - he held me close, kissed me on the lips, he caressed me, he uttered tender phrases, in front of everyone. He whispered "don't go."

While the controversy has prompted scolding, it's also earned the prime minister caddish praise. In the Italian edition of Rolling Stone slated for December, Berlusconi's face is emblazoned on the cover with a headline reading "Rock Star of the Year." The magazine's editor Carlo Antonelli said the staff pick was a no-brainer:

This year the choice was unanimous, for his obvious merits due to a lifestyle for which the words 'rock and roll' fall short... Rod Stewart, Brian Jones, Keith Richards in their prime were schoolboys compared to him.

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