Vanessa Redgrave, Zionist?

Well, not quite, but you know your anti-Israel boycott has gone too far when Redgrave lines up against you. The anti-Israel actress (except that I guess we can't call her that anymore) condemned a move at the Toronto Film Festival last month to label Israel an "apartheid regime." Arguing in defense of Tel Aviv, the showcased city at the festival, Redgrave wrote:

We oppose the current Israeli government, but it is a government. Freely elected. Not a regime. Words matter. ... These citizens of Tel Aviv and their organizations and their cultural outlets should be applauded and encouraged. Their presence and their continued activity is reason alone to celebrate their city.... If attitudes are hardened on both sides, if those who are fighting within their own communities for peace are insulted, where then is the hope? The point finally is not to grandstand but to inch toward a two-state solution and a world in which both nations can exist, perhaps not lovingly, but at least in peace.