Is Sarna Being Infantile?

A Goldblog reader writes, in reference to Jonathan Sarna's argument about the diminished love American Jews have for Israel:

Yes, enough with the hand-wringing indeed. The disillusionment of the likes of Mr. Sarna is just the flip side of the rose-colored glasses he grew up with, and both are equally infantile. And the obligatory affirmation from the obligatory Israeli acquaintances is meaningless. He and they are not the same. For them, Israel is a motherland. For him it is not. Normal people do not throw their mother to the wolves, even if they dislike her warts. That is especially true of those born and raised in Israel, who by now are the overwhelming majority in the Israeli population. Sarna's motherland is the U.S., whose sins dwarf those of Israel. So? Is that sufficient cause for him to hand her over to her enemies?