Enough With the Hand-Wringing

A Goldblog reader writes, in reference to the post on the end of the love affair (at least between young American Jews and Israel):

I find these obits on the blind allegiance to Israel vapid.  If it were to be subsumed into the greater Middle East, or destroyed, or abandoned, we might realize that we should have been doing less hand-wringing about keeping its image unblemished and more about its purpose as a vehicle for survival---survival for the people, the culture and the religion.

The greatest trick the Palestinians pulled was to convince the world that they were a distinct entity, a small persecuted minority, rather than another stitch in the great Arab blanket of people, politics, culture and religion that dominates and controls the Middle East, and its most important asset, oil.

We have our temple and our history and our culture (the one that produces Nobel Prizes), and little else, but succumb to the arguments and pressure of most the world and eventually the Middle East will be one homogenous swath of despotism and oppression.  And yet, that is what so many, mainly on the Left these days, seem to yearn for.