The Promise of the Torah

My rabbi, Gil Steinlauf, gave a killer sermon on the first day of Rosh HaShanah (I'm not actually sure you're allowed to describe sermons as "killers," but it was) and it's now on the Intertubes, so I thought I would point you in his direction. I won't try to summarize. Read the whole thing. But here's a brief excerpt:

When he finally gave up trying to figure out what was in front of him, Isaac realized that the blessing of his innermost being was just so much bigger than he was, it just flowed from his lips, it moved right through him. He realized that this moment is all we have ever had and all we ever will have. And--have you noticed?--we have all the money, all the food, all the health we need right now to be able to experience this very moment, the greatest blessing in the whole world, this Life that we have now. This moment might not feel good, or the way we had hoped. We may be painfully aware of how we now have less. But look deeper: every loss you have ever known before made other blessings--perhaps later on in life--possible. Today's experience of loss IS blessing--that's the promise of Torah--it's just hidden from the eye!