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When American pundits rant and rave about creeping domestic socialism, the nightmare scenario they inevitably invoke is "European Socialism." Maybe not much longer, though. At The National Interest, Jacob Heilbrunn argues that the results of the German elections (a clean sweep by the conservative Christian Democrats) the latest evidence that European socialism is waning: 

The election confirms a wider trend in Europe that Malte Lehming, an editor at the Berlin Tagespiegel, dubs “the end of socialism in Europe.” As Lehming notes, socialist parties have failed in France, Italy, Germany—and England is next. Meanwhile, Lehming tartly noted, Greece has a socialist government “and they’re rioting over there in the streets.” For Westerwelle, the election vindicates his strategy over the past eleven years to shun the Left and focus on an alliance with the conservative Christian Democrats. Westerwelle is young and dynamic, presenting himself as a kind of German Barack Obama.

As The Atlantic Wire's Heather Horn found recently, many commentators agree.

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