A Great Roger Cohen Column

No, really.  I've been wondering why the President slighted Poland last week (and wondering if it's such a great thing to be a small country -- or non country, i.e. Tibet -- in the Age of Obama) and here's a tough, penetrating and nuanced column on the subject. And as a bonus, he makes a non-satirical reference to the Iran threat:

Now I'm sure Obama had no desire to insult Poland, even if the announcement also came as Russia conducted large-scale military maneuvers with Belarus, an exercise on its western flank that summons the darkest specters of post-Soviet Polish and Baltic-state angst. As U.S. timing goes, this was pitiful.

Strategy is another matter. The new U.S. plan to deploy proven SM-3 interceptor missiles, first at sea and later on land, makes better sense overall. It's nimbler and saner on the Iranian threat. Why goad the Russian bear for little gain?